This section of the website is devoted to information about Leonardo da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi. Although the painting and my involvement with it are completely distinct from the activities of Robert Simon Fine Art, I thought it would be useful to gather here some of the references to the painting, its discovery, and reception. - RBS

Video & Radio Media Coverage

Da Vinci: The Lost Treasure

This hour-long documentary presented by Fiona Bruce was first broadcast on BBC1 on October 31, 2011. Produced by Roger Parsons and Julian Birkett

  • The documentary can be viewed on YouTube here.
  • A description of the program is here.
  • Some comments by Fiona Bruce are here.
  • An eight-minute excerpt from the program, posted by Three Pipe Problem, can be viewed here.

'Looking Back on Leonardo' (shown above)
From the National Gallery, London

"Experience the excitement of what was dubbed 'one of the exhibitions of the century' in this brand new retrospective of the 2011 show Leonardo da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan.

Take a look back at this unprecedented exhibition – the first of its kind anywhere in the world – which brought together sensational international loans never before seen in the UK.

Hear exhibition curator Luke Syson reflecting on the significance of the historical show, as Larry Keith, Head of Conservation, Ashok Roy, Director of Science, and Nicholas Penny, Director of the National Gallery describe what they learnt from this once-in-a-lifetime exhibition." - from the National Gallery website,*/chooseMedia/8/

Leonardo – The Lost Painting (first excerpt shown above)
This thirty-minute documentary was first broadcast on CNN International on November 11, 2011. Presented by Nick Glass
The program is described here and three excerpts are available for viewing online:
A recent program from Nick Glass, 'Mona lisa 'twin' goes on display' (2/21/12), features an excerpt on the Salvator Mundi and a brief appearance by Robert Simon.
Leonardo Live
A live HD film of the exhibition opening by Sky Arts first broadcast in cinemas and on SkyArts November 8, 2011. It broadcasted internationally from February 16, 2012 on.
  • The program is described here.
  • A BBC news clip about the broadcast is here. In this clip, the actress Fiona Shaw can be seen discussing the Salvator Mundi at 2:29.

The Leonardo Detectives

In this radio program, first broadcast November 7, 2011, on BBC4, Rachel Campbell-Johnson, chief art critic for The Times, discusses questions of art attribution, including the Salvator Mundi.
A podcast of the program is available here.

Voice of Russia
Andrew Hiller’s radio interview with Robert Simon on The Voice of Russia, broadcast November 19, 2011, can be heard here:

Leonardo da Vinci exhibition: the rediscovery of Salvator Mundi (shown above)
Alistair Sooke, Art Critic of The Telegraph, speaks with curator Luke Syson about the Salvator Mundi, available for viewing here.

Leonardo da Vinci –Painter at the Court of Milan
A seven-minute video featuring curator Luke Syson in conversation with presenter Joy Bolli inside the National Gallery exhibition. The Salvator Mundi is discussed at the 5:20 mark. This video is no longer available.

Leonardo da Vinci: 'An artist who deserves every bit of his fame'
Jonathan Jones, art critic for The Guardian, speaks about the National Gallery exhibition in this five-minute video filmed in the exhibition.Available on The Guardian's website, here. His response to the Salvator Mundi is at 3:41.

BBC News broadcast: “Da Vinci Exhibition displays recently authenticated portrait”
David Sillito of the BBC with a misidentified Luke Syson (Salvator Mundi at 2:07). Available here.

Welt Ereignis DaVinci begl├╝ckt London
A German television report (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen) from November 9, 2011 on the exhibition with comments from a special friend at 1:37. The Salvator Mundi appears at 1:55. Available here.

Leonardo alla National Gallery
Report from RAI television with comments on the Salvator Mundi from curator Arturo Galansino at :33, available for viewing here. There is now a longer interview available to view above. Salvator Mundi is discussed at 4:10. The interview is conducted in Italian.

Kulturzeit (shown above)
A 7-minute report on the exhibition broadcast on Kulturzeit 3sat. The Salvator Mundi is at 6:11, and the clip is available here.

Salvator Mundi IMF Video (shown above)
The music of Palestrina accompanies this 4 ½ minute look at the painting. Watch and listen here.